a note on letters

i sent most everyone a letter that gave me an address. bonnie didnt get one because shes in portland and evan doesnt have one yet. but soon. bonnie, you can send me one, yeah?

sorry for the handwriting, all. its as good as it gets, and i hope it wasnt too difficult to decipher. but i’ll continue them in my hand because printing pages here is pricey and i quite enjoy writing, as you probably know. and i like my handwriting. not quite cursive, not quite script, some amalgamation of the two that perfects the craft of written words.

finally, if you dont write back, you dont get another one. thems the rules. i mean, whats the point in me just writing letter after letter? give me the goods or youre done.

i lied, thats not all. i found some incredible bookstores here. i may try to get some work at one. one of them, murder ink, specializes in noir. seriously. noir. its like a goldmine of power prose. so excited, but i wish i had millions to spend here because i could probably buy most of that store. im meeting a friend of mine from tuam this saturday and hes going to show me a few more bookstores, including a second hand one. very excited.

also, i’ll be in london from the 23rd to the 27th. if youre going to be there, give me a ring.


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