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quick thought

for some reason i feel reluctant to swear on here. dont ask me why, i just do. i mean, anyone can read this, i think. probably best not to swear, yeah? thats my thinking, too. i mean, what if my grandma, in her infinite patience, looks up my name and this site happens to be on page six, which she sifts through, and, for whatever reason, maybe the proper alignment of the stars or the phase of the moon, recognizes this rambling finger talk–which really is about the most unlikely things that could happen, her recognizing me in here, though, just because its unlikely doesnt mean its impossible, and really, you dont know my grandma, shes really dedicated to discovering all that can be found on the interweb, especially when it concerns a  family member, no matter how far removed, thats not to say that im far removed, but she found all of our relatives in england and now talks to them occasionaly – how she found them is beyond me, but she did – and the same could happen to me, i mean, she found out who my teachers were by looking them up on trinitys page and began asking me questions about theyre research, which surprised me, obviously, my god this is a long aside which needs to end, i mean, theres even an aside to this long aside and i think this aside is longer than the original sentence– as me and my words on this random site.

now that ^ is a sentence.

okay, my other quick, or not so quick, depending on how fast you read and how much of my convoluted and ridiculous sentences makes sense on the first read. but this page tells me that the word ‘okay’ is not a word, which it clearly is, but the postal code ‘OK’ is a word, which it clearly isnt. this seriously frustrates me beyond what seems normal or reasonable. and i think this is the problem with the way people write, i mean, its no wonder most people spell okay as ok, theyre trained by these horrible machines, trained to suck the letters out of our language. terrible business, really. though, i need to be careful or i’ll find myself in some manifesto against the use of slang and the horrible state of compound words. i dont know why, but i never compound my words. something about them bothers me. like always is all ways and nevermind is never mind and nowhere is no where or now here, but thats a different story all together or altogether.

okay–there it is with that infuriating red line under neath it–thats all i felt like saying. getting off my chest, anyway.


recent events

okay kids, as you may be able to tell, im no good at this sort of thing. keeping an up to date log of my events. and, as you can see, no pictures yet. sorry. patience, yeah?

another thing about the letters that i recently found out. my program gave me the wrong postal code for my apartment. ive only received three pieces of mail, but i think, if you wrote me a letter, itll come within the next week. i hope so, anyway. for those of you who have my address and are reading this, my address is the exact same except i live in dublin 8, not dublin 2. if you wrote me a letter, you should let me know so i can confirm it as making it to me. an unfortunate state of affairs, really.

okay, back into it. about a week ago i met with my friend, derek, who lives right outside of galway. he stopped in dublin for a few hours to meet me. very nice guy, maybe the nicest ive met. he bought me lunch, two books, and showed me an awesome bookstore that consumed me a bit for the next couple of days. i also now have a place to stay if i go to galway, which is nice as i plan on making my way westward eventually. galways supposed to be a wondrous place.

classes started some weeks ago, too. class here and school in general is way different than what im used to. i only have six hours a week i spend in class, well, more like five and a half. but, to make up for it, ive something around two hundreds pages in reading, most of them from psychological and neuroscience journals. a lot of technical schtuff, very interesting, but not exactly pleasurable. also, ive no real idea what i need to have done for classes. i need to start thinking about my essays, but weve only had three class periods, which is, as it turns out, one third of my classes. yeah, only nine class hours per class. in america, nine clas shours brings you through the first week and a half. maybe. so very little guidance goes on here, but im sure i’ll manage. also, my tests for these classes isnt until may or june. yeah, all the exams for the year happen at the end of the year, regardless of when you took the class. though, it wont be too bad as ive only one class a week for the third term. should leave ample room to study and what have you. too, i only have class three days a week both terms. right now ive a three days weekend and no class tuesdays, but next term ive a four day weekend every week. should be very nice.

this leaves me a lot of time to travel, which i plan on doing. tomorrow, i leave for london to visit a few people. i’ll be there till tuesday as theres no class monday. my sisters coming for fifteen days in november and im going to be going to sctoland and galway with her, and then the day she leaves, im leaving to go to paris for a weekend, the 21st to the 23rd of november. oh, and, for my program, im going to northern ireland from the 13th to the 16th, i think. i think thats all the travelling i’ll have planned this term as im sure to be pennyless come christmas time. i may end up getting a job here soon to help out or im thinking i’ll take out a loan for spending money. whos to say.

this last weekend, josh and alyssa came and stayed with me. a very fun time. we saw the guinness tour, which is kind of shit as its very touristy and you only get a simulated tour. though, free guinness, which, it turns out, i dont hate. i know it sounds stupid to say, but guinness here actually is a million times better. american guinness is shit. complete and utter shit. then, we went to the old jameson distellery, which is no longer in use, just for tours. i forget where its currently made, somewhere south of dublin. this tour was a bit cooler, more informative and what have you, but really dark. i mean, very poorly lit. strange, but cool. i also heard one of the funniest things ive heard here in ireland during the tour. the tour guide was explaining the barrelling process for jameson and a lady interrupted. it went a bit like this:

guide: …we use oak, which gives it a-

crazy lady: oak comes from trees!

guide: uh…yeah, it does.

now, this was not a child, this lady was probably between fifty and sixty and just zonked out of her gourd, i imagine. too funny, really. anyway, alyssa, josh, and i got picked to be taste testers in the tour, only eight people get picked each tour. they give us a shot of jameson, a shot of johnny walker black label, and a shot of jack daniels, and we’re supposed to compare them. i liked jameson the best, josh went with black label, and alyssa was on the fence, but ended with jameson. it really is great. after our three shots, they also gave us a complimentary glass of jameson. after these two tours, we were feeling good.

that night, we went out and got wild, then came back and made pasta. the next day, we got up kind of early and went on a bus tour down the southern coast of dublin to powers court. it was a fun and informative tour. the bus driver kept us entertained and ive now a lot more towns i want to see whilst im here. powers court was amazing, though. some 150 acres of garden and beauty with mountains off in plain view. they film the hbo show the tudors there. really, a beautiful place. i’ll get pictures up so you can see them a bit. i’ll probably steal them from josh as his are much better and my camera died.

we got back and walked around a bit, checked out the city and what not. then we came home and ate. alyssa made us a wonderful pasta dish, very satisfying. then she cleaned my kitchen, the proper womanly thing to do. that night we took it easy and hung out at a few pubs and talked.

the next day their ferry was supposed to leave, but it got canceled due to winds, which meant alyssa was missing her monday classes. we took it easy that day and just walked around and checked out st patricks cathedral. we came back, ate pizza, drank wine, watched the brothers grimm, and a marathon of its always sunny in philidelphia. in the morning i went to class and they found out the next ferry was also canceled. very frustrating for them, but they finally made it out of dublin that night. a very fun weekend, got to see plenty of things i hadnt yet, and hang out with some kids id not seen since school of last year.

i registered with the irish police yesterday, which is really an endurance test. waited in line at about seven in the morning and didnt get my immigration card until four in the afternoon. i didnt spend all day there, but if i had, it wouldve been even more miserable. last night we also got fed by our program. it was wonderful to eat real steak again, but now i’ll not eat proper for quite some time.

on a final note, ive no longer any internet access except for the library. for about three weeks we were able to steal internet, but they found us out and now we’re blocked. inconvenient to say the least, but not all bad, but thats why theres no pictures yet.

i think thats all for now. i’ll report on london when i return.

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