quick thought

for some reason i feel reluctant to swear on here. dont ask me why, i just do. i mean, anyone can read this, i think. probably best not to swear, yeah? thats my thinking, too. i mean, what if my grandma, in her infinite patience, looks up my name and this site happens to be on page six, which she sifts through, and, for whatever reason, maybe the proper alignment of the stars or the phase of the moon, recognizes this rambling finger talk–which really is about the most unlikely things that could happen, her recognizing me in here, though, just because its unlikely doesnt mean its impossible, and really, you dont know my grandma, shes really dedicated to discovering all that can be found on the interweb, especially when it concerns a  family member, no matter how far removed, thats not to say that im far removed, but she found all of our relatives in england and now talks to them occasionaly – how she found them is beyond me, but she did – and the same could happen to me, i mean, she found out who my teachers were by looking them up on trinitys page and began asking me questions about theyre research, which surprised me, obviously, my god this is a long aside which needs to end, i mean, theres even an aside to this long aside and i think this aside is longer than the original sentence– as me and my words on this random site.

now that ^ is a sentence.

okay, my other quick, or not so quick, depending on how fast you read and how much of my convoluted and ridiculous sentences makes sense on the first read. but this page tells me that the word ‘okay’ is not a word, which it clearly is, but the postal code ‘OK’ is a word, which it clearly isnt. this seriously frustrates me beyond what seems normal or reasonable. and i think this is the problem with the way people write, i mean, its no wonder most people spell okay as ok, theyre trained by these horrible machines, trained to suck the letters out of our language. terrible business, really. though, i need to be careful or i’ll find myself in some manifesto against the use of slang and the horrible state of compound words. i dont know why, but i never compound my words. something about them bothers me. like always is all ways and nevermind is never mind and nowhere is no where or now here, but thats a different story all together or altogether.

okay–there it is with that infuriating red line under neath it–thats all i felt like saying. getting off my chest, anyway.


2 Responses to “quick thought”

  1. 1 jalexandergenz
    October 22, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    you know, i actually find myself writing more in compound words these days. but compound like joyce did. winedark and nightblue and contransmagnificandjewbangstantiality. I wonder if that counts. Anyway i’m sick of all these little red lines appearing under everything i write. code written to box in our language, bring it under some streamlining common law. Just like those bastards at MLA. Too many people view language as a coloring book inside whose lines one must colorfully remain. It goes both ways though. Ever meet one of those freaks of nature that actually get mad when you pepper a bit of slang into your idiom. I told this girl something was the shit once and… well it couldve been worse, i might have thrown years of my life into some ill-defined relationship before finally discovering how stuck up she was. Where were we?

  2. 2 cooleddy
    October 23, 2008 at 1:03 am

    man, i know exactly what you mean. now that i think of it, i actually do compound words like that, too. thats senseless to me, my war against compound words i mean. maybe i just dont like compound words that i didnt make up. and i guess thats how i feel about slang, too. its only okay if i use it or make it up. you know, sometimes im a petulant bastard, it seems. like an old man yelling at kids for sagging their pants and wearing their hat backwards, because back in my day we wore clothes that fit.
    this language talk could take me all night, methinks.

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