legendary london

ive been awake for around thirty hours, maybe more, but im back from london. a very interesting time.

i arrived thursday night at the stansted airport outside of london. my porteguese friend, phil, picked me up and we commenced a two hour drive into london to his parents apartment. now, this apartment was glorious. really, swanky and awesome and all that jazz. i had a room to myself with a queen size bed to sleep in. glorious.i got to stay there thursday, friday, and saturday night.

how did i spend this weekend in london? very unexpectedly. me and phil spent most of our three days together just talking. and talking. and talking. we talked about books and movies and music and philosophy and psychoanalysis and linguistics and politics and academia and then side tracked into all sorts of tomfoolery about penises and other absurdities. we also smoked a lot of cigars. all of it felt very scholarly and high brow and intellectual, which, of course, we are. but really, it was great and we talked for hours. hes convinced me to get some lacanian philosophy in me which also includes getting some hegel and kierkegaard and other such people in my head as well. i seem to have trouble with my conjunctions right now. too many ands all up in this ish. anyway, we also roamed the streets of london causing ruckuses. phil wore vampire teeth for, i think, about two hours straight. the looks you get at times.we did very minimal sight seeing, mostly just a lot of cigars and talking and food. i’ll probably go back to visit him in a couple of months. very interesting guy and very well read. a good time.

i bid fare thee well to phil on sunday and went over to ucl to meet josh. josh took me to camden, the birthplace of punk, and we browsed through the bazaar, which was actually quite cool. i also got to hear a crazy story involving two lesbians and sabatoged straight men. i’ll not get into it. but that night, my first night at ucl, was quite a rowdy one. parts of the night are missing in my recollection, but many things im certain of. we went to a bar that had all the lights off because the power went out inexplicably. also, we never went in the bar, we sat outside drinking beer we brought. very strange. but very funny. then we went back to their apartment complex and the festivities continued. a lot of drunk people in a small room makes for grand silliness. somewhere along the line, me and some girl disappeared for a while and returned with snacks from the vending machine. we also apparently passed out on top of my sleeping bag on josh’ floor. now, heres where the plot really thickens. one of the girls that slept in josh’ room left in the middle of the night to sleep in her room. however, she woke up back in the room with us and the other girl in our room left to go to her room as well. a lot of gaps in logic and time made a very interesting night in london.

poor josh was quite hung over all day, but we managed to wander around the city. walking through london is kind of like walking through a museum, everything is worth seeing. i didnt do much proper sight seeing in london, but walking the streets is all i really needed. last night, me and josh wanted to take it easy because i had to leave this morning at five and he had a paper to write and still felt  abit sick. didnt happen. we ended up going to the roxy and going mad craze, then came back and had a near repeat of the night before. though, me and josh didnt drink much last night as we stayed semi-responsible. at about three in the morning i decided to just stay up and not sleep to make sure i didnt over sleep and miss my train and schtuff. so, we just hung out and talked and all that good stuff. i left about eight hours ago to catch the tube to a train to a plane to take me to dublin where i had to catch a bus to take me into town to make my eleven am class. made it, though, in good time, too. but im seriously thrashed.

london was a great time. a place i spent far too much money doing far too little. a place i’ll probably return to, maybe a few times.

oh, also, i heard some one say ‘neednt’ and its my new favorite contraction ever.

and, yeah, pictures some day. im working on it, kind of.


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