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political purge

i forgot, weve a new president. the whole world seems to approve of this election, and i guess i do, too. but there was a headline over here that read something like: ‘the day america became a little bit cool again’. that right there, too good. love it. i mean, whether or not you like obama, i think he will give us at least something to be happy about as a nation. at least for the moment. he won in huge numbers, so theres none of this dickery thats been present of late. we’ll have to see if hes worth it, though.

i didnt vote. i think most of you knew i wouldnt, though im sure you wished i had. to me, it really didnt matter, though. ive no belief or trust in the electoral college or the two candidates. but i think america may be in a good place, at least until he takes office and either proves our hope well placed or ill placed. right now though, hes not bush, and it should make us at least a bit proud to have a president that we dont need to be embarrassed of or hated worldwide for.

i didnt watch the election either. again, really just didnt interest me. for some, i feel its hard to believe i really didnt care, but i didnt and still dont really. ive no say in the world of politics. im against all of it for the most part. there are very few things that our government does that i approve of. or, if i do approve of the sentiment, i usually dont approve of the way in which its done. to me, the president doesnt matter. but i could go on and on about this in an nearly incoherent rant about my convoluted cynicism. but i didnt vote, and i dont know when i will vote. i wouldve voted for ron paul. he may be the only politician ive ever cared for. but its not my world, i dont need it, and they can have it. they being, of course, THE they us paranoid types talk about when we discuss the undercurrent of politics and all that jazz.

anyway, im glad obama won. the farther sarah palin stays from a real place of power, the better the world will be.


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