five favorite songs of this minute

or something like that. basically the five songs ive been listening to non-stop for a while now. no particular order, really. just throwing some videos up here. maybe you guys will enjoy these.

reverend green by animal collective, there. a song i just cant get enough of right now. the oscillation just sounds so good, feels so right. linked a live video as i couldnt find one with just the song, but its a legit video. also, watch the comfy in nautica video in the underreel afterwards.

how it ends by devotchka. a beautiful sing that i had on repeat for about two days straight. a bit haunting and enormous and glorious. sinks deep into my head and echoes in me for the rest of the day. what brought it to mind in me some weeks ago was that gears of war 2 commercial. i think i’ll link that, too, as its a great commercial. yeah, great video.

tom traubert’s blues by tom waits. really, its tom waits and i can never get enough. touching here, beautiful. love it. hes not just the voice of satan or the monster in your basement playing scarecrow songs, hes also a brilliant writer who can break your heart in five minutes.

run into flowers by m83. really just lives inside you when you listen to it. brings me somewhere else when i close my eyes. im flying through blooms of psychadelic rainpetals. something about it feels so good, so right.

dreamt for lightyears in the belly of a mountain by sparklehorse. its long and theres not a single word in it, but i love this song. swimming through an icy inkblack sea with a light that flickers inconsistently far away. you drift to it, not swim, but float, not move, but come close to it. the journey takes ten minutes, but you feel it warm your face tenderly, and you smile after years of being trapped in the belly of a mountain.

yeah, thats it. just thought id share a bit. enjoy.


1 Response to “five favorite songs of this minute”

  1. 1 Ian
    November 27, 2008 at 7:44 am

    Great, Eddy. Diggin’ it here, late at night.

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