paris promenade

i finally got that flickr thing linked. theres a limited amount of pictures you can put in there, so theres only a limited amount of my pictures on there. i’ll post more on facebook when i get the idea to. check that out if you fancy, or just wait for me to post them on facebook where i can post plenty.

but, yeah, paris, spent the weekend there. a very good time in a very cool city. traveled with caitlin and lucy, arrived friday morning at about nine or something, left dublin at like seven, woke up at four. mhm, good schtuff.

the first day we wandered around the city for several hours, just looking about in awe of the glory of the city. we eventually made our way to the louvre, which ive heard pronounced at least two different ways by the french. regardless of how you say it, its a glorious place. so vast and immense, everythings there from egyptian and grecoroman art to picasso. da vinci, man, that guy could paint, im sold on him. hes fantastic in every conceivable way. the mona lisa, though, meh, its all right. i feel like its one of those things that musicians run into where their most famous stuff isnt necessarily their best or most interesting. so much great stuff in there. i lean towards darkness when it comes to art, and i found many to my liking. also, so much religious artwork, i loved it, the christian images are just beautiful, sometimes painful, but always unforgettable. we spent three hours their and basically only saw one floor. it apparently would take three months to see everything if you spent just thirty seconds at each piece of art. yeah, good luck.

after the louvre, we walked to the eiffal tower, that giant fallic structure looming over the city. it was all right, mostly just steel and blue light. super high, though, almost too high. theres a great view from the top overseeing the entire city where you can just see the skyscrapers at the edge. i wouldnt really recommend going there, but its an interesting place, if nothing else.

the next day we took two walking tours around paris where we learned fragments of history. it was pretty cold in paris, though. around zero degrees centigrade, not terrible, but when you spend all day outside, it feels absolutely frigid. but, yeah, saw all the big sights and learned bits about them, then, for the second tour, we walked through the artists quarter, which was also pretty cool, but even colder as it was night. then we went on a pub crawl. caitlin and lucy left pretty early, so i spent the rest of the night with an australian girl and an italian girl. we had a very good time. we didnt pay for the pub crawl, we just followed it and got all the drink specials and free drinks. so deviously wonderful.

next day we went to the versailles palace, which was okay. i mean, it was fantastic, absolutely glorious, but i wouldnt recommend making the trip out there unless youve some free time. do it in the summer, too. it snowed while we were there, which was actually quite pretty. reminded me of anastasia, as paris does. after that we wandered a bit, me and lucy went to notre dame, and caitlin went to the musee d’orsay, which is an impressionist museum. after that, i flew home to dublin.

i know i rushed over most of that, so i’ll just add a few things. ordering food in a language you dont know is unreasonably embarrassing. makes you feel so stupid as you point and grunt and try to speak what fragments of phrases you remember. i kept having the urge to speak spanish, which would probably be more insulting. lucy actually did a few times, very funny. also, the city itself is beyond me, can barely wrap my head around it. i think i could stay there forever, it suits me is what i mean. i love it, every inch of it. i may go there after school for a year, learn french, and just hang around. its an expensive city, though, much like dublin in that regard. but so not like dublin, so much radical structures and mindsets. its hard for me to explain how paris made me feel, but i’ll hold it dear to me and will probably return in the spring. its a must see, i think. and a weekend just isnt enough, not even close to enough, but its what i had and it worked as a sampling. got a lot of the touristy things out of the way, so i can really just see the city next time.

we’ll always have paris

together in paris

when good americans die they go to paris

if youre lucky enough to have lived in paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for paris is a moveable feast

theres a reason people say so many things about paris. its glorious.

anyway, a few random things. i forever change my mind about most everything. happened again with the band interpol. i dismissed them for a long time, thought they were just all right at best, but the last couple of days changed my mind. for some reason i picked up their music again, which, for some reason, i have. anyway, i quite enjoy them. theyve a darkness in them that makes me feel at home. theyve heart, too. theyre like lovesongs from purgatory. i dig it.

also, ive been writing a lot. im about 25,000 words into a novel and the writing keeps coming. im also writing shorts that im thinking about sending for publication. working on a vampire short right now for an anthology to come out next year. got a new short lined up for the next issue of colored chalk, and a slew of childrens tales im picking up to fit into crow toes magazine. just need to bring them all together and what have you. feels good to get my fingers pumping on the keyboard.

though, ive four essays due over the next month, so all progress will probably halt until that happens.

thats it for now. i’ll throw some random things your way eventually.


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