video dump

for those of you who wonder about these things, that picture in the header, you know, right above this post, yeah, i took that a few years ago. pretty cool, yeah? i thought so, too.

anyway, in an attempt to keep all this floating about and up to date, im going to toss some videos up here for you to view. just songs i like and have been listening to lately. also, apparently youtube formats changed a bit, the videos are much bigger now. well, not much, but noticeably bigger, anyway.

tape song by the kills, cant stop listening to this song either. the videos edits out a swear word in the song, which is pretty gay, but whatever, doesnt detract from the song. something about that guitar, just grumbling and distorted sounds so perfect.

sometimes by my bloody valentine, maybe one of my favorite songs ive heard in the last year. shoegaze is a genre i know little about, but i dig it, especially these guys. this song is just something magic, resonates through me and makes me feel it, whatever it is, in my chest. the distorted wave of guitars layered over soft vocals rolling through the song feels the way floating feels. and then when it opens up and breathes, its like a lung full of cold air that reminds you what life feels like.it elevates you, slowly.

postage stamp world by rogue wave, a nice pretty little song. just really dig it. this heres a live video since i couldnt find a plain video. but i like live videos more than unlive videos, which isnt the same as undead videos, though i dig those, too. anyway, this is a great performance with a little silly introduction.

glittering blackness by explosions in the sky, maybe my favorite song by them, which is really saying something. this song is great, though. it builds and tears, builds and soothes, then gives you a sense of relief. another song that reminds me of that singular moment when you take in a deep breath and feel existence swirl around you. and it feels good.

cody by mogwai, a beautiful song that hits my heart right in the left ventricle making me miss a beat. i wish more mogwai songs had lyrics, because i dig it when they sing, though they do it rarely.

pioneer to the falls by interpol, because i mentioned them below. really dig this song. a bit haunting and alienated. like i said, lovesongs from purgatory, thats what these sound like to me.

well, there you have it, a few more songs i like with visual cues to feed from, too.


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