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political purge

i forgot, weve a new president. the whole world seems to approve of this election, and i guess i do, too. but there was a headline over here that read something like: ‘the day america became a little bit cool again’. that right there, too good. love it. i mean, whether or not you like obama, i think he will give us at least something to be happy about as a nation. at least for the moment. he won in huge numbers, so theres none of this dickery thats been present of late. we’ll have to see if hes worth it, though.

i didnt vote. i think most of you knew i wouldnt, though im sure you wished i had. to me, it really didnt matter, though. ive no belief or trust in the electoral college or the two candidates. but i think america may be in a good place, at least until he takes office and either proves our hope well placed or ill placed. right now though, hes not bush, and it should make us at least a bit proud to have a president that we dont need to be embarrassed of or hated worldwide for.

i didnt watch the election either. again, really just didnt interest me. for some, i feel its hard to believe i really didnt care, but i didnt and still dont really. ive no say in the world of politics. im against all of it for the most part. there are very few things that our government does that i approve of. or, if i do approve of the sentiment, i usually dont approve of the way in which its done. to me, the president doesnt matter. but i could go on and on about this in an nearly incoherent rant about my convoluted cynicism. but i didnt vote, and i dont know when i will vote. i wouldve voted for ron paul. he may be the only politician ive ever cared for. but its not my world, i dont need it, and they can have it. they being, of course, THE they us paranoid types talk about when we discuss the undercurrent of politics and all that jazz.

anyway, im glad obama won. the farther sarah palin stays from a real place of power, the better the world will be.



i think ive much to report, or at least talk about. where shall i start this? well, ive been traveling a lot, as you know. its gotten me a bit behind in school and im sort of in a constant state of catching up. the weekends are a good time to study and work, but its impossible to study when youre not at your place of residence. so, i keep falling behind and then running to catch myself up just to fall behind again. note to self: dont leave every weekend next term.

okay, so halloween happened, yeah? meh, not so much happened that night. spent it watching weird shit on television whilst drinking and what have you. stayed out of town center as its a bit overpriced and touristy there. the next day i picked up and went to galway for the weekend. we went to connemara for a day trip that sunday. its a beautiful place, connemara. all sorts of majestic hills and beauteous landscape. also, the clouds kept creeping across the sky. thats actually probably my favorite thing about ireland. the clouds creep and crawl accross the sky in the most eloquent of fashions. its just great to look up into the yawning blue space above you whilst those clouds encroach from all round. but i digress, connemara, yeah. day tour was pretty legit. ive pictures up on me facebook and i have a flickr account now. i cant remember how to link it onto here, or never knew how, but i’ll figure it out. really though, if you want to see pictures just check my facebook. it has most of them. flickr has a limit to how many you can add a month, a rather small limit, i might add. so really, check out facebook. but i’ll link the flickr thing anyway.

galways awesome, though. i’ll probably return there once the weather improves. everythings a bit dreary this time of year. anyhoodle, i came back on the bus that night to return to dublin in time for class on monday. basically spent all day on a bus that sunday. it wears you out, man. spent the week as i tend to do. lots of wasting time thinking about things i should be doing.

thursday, my sister and her boyfriend came to town. i showed them to their hostel, went to school, met up with them again, and hung out for a while that night. friday morning we left for edinburgh at 630am, which means we got up at 4am. so we dragged our feet into the airport and slagged in our chairs on the hour to scotland. we got there and ran into a bit of trouble. the hostel we booked overbooked us and, without telling us, moved us across town to a horrid place. we cant check in yet and we’re all unbelievably tired, so we slept in the common room till we could check in. when we check in, we realise we dont have room keys and the rooms dont have ceilings. yeah, i know. the hostel is a hollowed out church with cubicle type partitions separating rooms in it. we left and spent the day exploring.

edinburgh, which, for some reason, they pronounce edinborough, is a glorious city. really, probably the most beautiful place ive yet to see. just walking around is awe inspiring. most of its beauty comes from the homogeneity of the city. everything looks to be built around the same time period. it makes for a wondrous sight. very cool. also, these buildings are just fierce and metal. gothic structures everywhere, which, at night, looms perfectly for something monstrous to be lurking about. but that day we went on a free walking tour through old town, which i highly recommend if you end up there. very informative and very cool. also, our tour guide was a beautiful english girl named natascha. something about these european women rub me the right way.

after the tour we wandered around for quite some time doing not so much. just entertaining ourselves with the look of the city, i suppose. we ended up going to a ghost tour which wasnt what we thought it was. see, part of edinburgh is built on top of an older version of edinburgh. during the plague, they just built sealed up buildings and built on top of them. we thought the tour was going down there. it wasnt. it was a boring tour about semi-facts and half truths involving hauntings. really, these kind of things arent good for my sense of well-being anyway. im far too superstitious and fearful of ghosts and spirits. after that disappointment, we returned to our hostel, changed our room to a private, and slept soundly.

we woke early and headed to the ticket office to collect our rugby tickets. the new zealand all blacks, of all teams, was in town and we managed to obtain some tickets. super cool. the game wasnt till night, though, so we headed back into town to eat breakfast. got a scottish breakfast, which is almost the same as an english and an irish breakfast, though it has the most to it. oh, i forgot to mention that we all tried haggis the night before, which was surprisingly very good. i mention it because its also a part of the scottish breakfast. after that, we went to edinburgh castle which is beyond amazing. its such a sight to see from anywhere in the city, high atop a mountain. you see, its built on volcanic rock and is the highest part of the city. the view from up there is unbelievable, too. plus, its a castle and castles are awesome. and maybe thats the american in me, but i wish casltes were everywhere. especially because of the magnitude of this castle. also, the scottish crown jewels are held there, which happen to be the oldest crown jewels in the world. yeah, thats apparently true.

after hanging around the castle all day, it was about time to head to the game. the entire city was there, i swear. so many people. anyway, the game was glorious. its not every day you get to see the greatest team in the world play a sport. the all blacks also do a maori[sp?] dance to start off the game which was awesome. but, yeah, the game was great and scotland put up a decent fight. everyone knew theyd lose, but, for them, it was about keeping it in a reasonble range so as not to embarrass the crowd and themselves, to which the succeeded.

after the game we headed to a pub crawl with other wanderers. met people from america, belgium, canada, france, and a guy from colombia who barely spoke english and couldnt find a hostel for the night. poor guys plan was to stay out all night drinking and just not worry about it. but, yeah, it was a fun time. back at the hostel, we were in the lockless ceilingless room. an interesting night.

the next day we went on a tour of the highlands and loch lamond and sterling castle. it was pretty awesome, as most day tours tend to be. see, it kind of sucks being on a bus all day, but the things you get to see make it a bit worth it. well, more than a bit. really, theyre things youd not know to see or be able to see just traveling through. the highlands are fantastic, though. truly a wondrous sight. and the scottish sky is similar to ireland, those clouds lurch across and fill the sky, but never for long. anyway, a beautiful sight. all tan, yellow, green, and brown covering these rolling hills and mountains for as far as the eye can see. its an enormous feeling standing high up there with the wind rushing past you, making you bleary eyed and sober. breathtakings the word i might be looking for.

sterling casltes also fantastic. very much like edinburgh castle in its grandness and scope. also, apparently the most well preserved castle in britain from the middle ages. we got there at a cool time to see castles as well. the sun setting and the clouds misting about the sky casting an ominous light all about. the view from sterling, my god, you can see forever. its really beautiful. also very historical. its where the kings and queens hung out mostly. there was a flock of ravens there, too. so metal. so brutal. so gloriously gothic. but, yeah, it was an amazing day spent in glorious places.

that night we kept it low key as wed already spent hundreds of dollars and returned to the hostel kind of early. we booked the private room again and slept early.

i left at about 6am to return to dublin. my flight got delayed and i ended up missing my first class which doesnt help my trouble with keeping up. but scotlands a great place and i plan on returning there, too. actually, theyve some week long or weekend long trips that id like to do come spring time when the weathers nice. should be glorious and much more comprehensive. id love to spend a week pillaging the highlands and schtuff. also, edinburghs awesome. musnt forget to return there. right now, its the high mark on european cities fo me. paris might give it a run for its money, i’ll judge that in two weeks time.

anywho, ive some essays i need to start thinking about and writing. the semesters already running towards a close. many things need to be considered here by me. its weird because i still dont even feel like schools started. i feel mostly like im just hanging about in ireland, which felt like home almost immediately upon stepping foot on soil. but schools definitely started and has been flying by me. traveling really makes schooling hard. also, once this term ends, i’ll be out of money, that dastardly necessity. im thinking about taking out a loan for spending money over the enxt six months. i mean, a job sounds stupid to have whilst abroad. plus, ive never much liked working. theres also so many places ive yet to go, like spain, austria, germany, romania, italy, greece, russia, and all sorts of other places. theres just so much to do. also, theres so much of ireland to see, and ive not spent a weekend in dublin since, like, the fifteenth of october or something like that.

to switch gears here, as i seem to be on a role and have decided its not worth making another post with a different title, id like to spend a moment on english and how the natives speak it. some things make no sense to me, really. for example, edinburgh being pronounced as edinborough or cockburn being pronounced coleburn or liecester being pronounced liester. its like they just skip syllables or change the way letters sound on a whim. especially the irish. good god, theres a silent ‘g’ in just about every proper noun. also, the spellings. ive always spelled theatre and grey the english way, which, in these cases, is the proper way. but recently, ive grown fond of the english ‘s’ over the american ‘z’. for example, exercize, realize, and specialize become exercise, realise, and specialise. i find these ‘s’s much more elegant, which makes them more to my liking. so, ive started spelling those words the english way, which proves to be more to my liking. now, the english ‘u’, well, thats just stupid. favorite and color dont need ‘u’s. clutter is what that is, and i hate clutter. especially in my words. the dating of dates, for some reason ive always done it the european way. that being day/month/year rather than month/day/year. mostly because it makes way more sense, which also makes it to my liking. though, the time, i keep it the american way. that being the twelve hour clock. theres no reason to use a twenty four hour clock, no one refers to five pm as seventeen, they say five. so why add the twelve extra numbers? yeah, it makes sense, but its impractical, which makes it clunky and obtrusive. you see, theres a reason for the things i do, its not random or elitist. its practical and stands scrupulously by sense and elegance. something largely lost in the world, i fear. the english adhere to their foolish archaic spellings in some cases whereas americans change the spelling of other words for no reason whatsoever. so, me, i combine the two to form the most sensible and proper version of written english possible. you may thank me later for this. but, if i were you, id switch to my way of writing things. itll soon prove to be overpoweringly correct.

on a final note, ive finally started writing stories for children. its great fun. i’ll share with you all some time. maybe. if i feel like it, i mean. well, i wonder if anyone will actually read this marathon post. the ticker thing tells me im at about 2,200 words. quite impressive, i must say. all right, enough. back to work and back to the real world. i’ll report back when the time is right.

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