Friends and the Love of Jaguars

I’m back into step with things, fiending away my time in the library and in between book covers. It really feels good to be back here in Ireland.

Anyway, just wanted to mention a few things that you might i find interesting. One fo them is the television show Friends. I know i’m almost a decade late on this show, but i hadn’t seen it till i got here in Dublin some months ago. And, really, this is a great show. It still surprises me how funny i find it. All the characters, with the exception of Monica–she’s dull–are just delightful. The two characters i hated the most before seeing the show, Chandler and Ross–nothing against the characters, mind, i just hated the way they, as people, look–turned out to be my favorites. More so skinny Chandler than fat Chandler, but Ross, he’s always prime. Or at least the funniest things happen to him. Anyway, this i a great show with a good sense of humor. It was the tale end of that era of sitcom, but i think it’s one of the shows that did it best. We’ve since moved onto better things with our sitcoms [see Scrubs, The Office, Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia], but there’s a reason why Friends lasted so long and was so loved. Ross and Rachel, though no Jim and Pam or even JD and Eliot, are still quite memorable. Plus Jennifer Aniston is a babe of all babes.

Something else here, Jaguar Love – Take me to the Sea: the first album from Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato [Blood Brothers] new band. The album’s been growing on me with each new listen. It’s no Blood Brothers or even Neon Blonde, but it moves them, especially Johnny Whitney, into a lasting place. The album’s more put together and cohesive than Johnny Whitney’s Neon Blonde schizophrenic piece Chandeliers in the Savannah, but still brings a bit of that frenetic nature and experimentation to some of it’s tracks. Also, it’s toned down from the Blood Brothers and moved into a more pop-esque area, which, i think, is where they were slowly moving. I’ll always miss the Blood Brothers, but i dig Jaguar Love and am satisfied with it’s results. Some really great tracks on the album.

I think that’s about it for now. Had a fairly good weekend in Dublin. Caught Steven Soderbergh’s Che [Part I] as well as Love and Honour, a Japanese period piece. Both quite enjoyable. Pretty excited to see the second part of Che next month. But, yeah, feeling good here. Hope things are well wherever you’re reading this from.

As a post script, i’m not sure what these categories i made are really for. I seem to be putting things haphazardly in one or the other as they’re both quite non-descript.


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