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I added a blogroll here to the site. On the right you will now find links to a few other aspiring writers.

Also, feeling a bit down in the mouth today. Gonna buy some juice, eat a steak, and watch Friends.

Today turned strange.


One Night in Cork

Literally only one night. But I went and saw nothing that I meant to see. The Blarney Stone’s a quick ride away but we never made it there. Poor weather and such. Anyway, I suppose I’ll get into it.

Left in the wee wee hours of the morn. The bus left at eight in the am and arrived somewhere around two, I think. That could be very wrong, memory’s a bit frigglefraggled. Anyway, me and Lauren had too much fun on the bus. Loads of absurdity and jokery and, I don’t even know, plain retardity, no doubt. I can’t remember if I mention people’s name on here or if I’ve done it. I made some rule about it in my head a long time ago, but that rule, along with so many others, disappeared. Anyway, Lauren, met her around the beginning of this term. She’s pretty legit. But, yeah, she’s ins ome other program for study abroad and I’ve been spending time with those folk.

Anyway, Cork, arrive there and it’s not at all how I expected it. Very industrial looking and kind of dreary. Though, that could’ve just been the clouds castrating the sunlight and making the world look drab and dull. We got a bit of food to bite upon and wandered a bit around. Then, we started in drinking quite early. And that’s what we did for the rest of the night, just drank and drank and killed and got some members lost and some items lost and some items found and some photos snapped and some jolly times for all the lads and lasses and and and and and and. We ended up at some bar that had a live band playing covers. We kind of took over the place by tossing all our coats and schtuff on the front of the stage and then fiending on the dancefloor the way only a group of drunk amerikans can. A good time was had by all, except, well, those cats that were refused entrance. Bummer dudes.

The hostel bed was, I swear, made of concrete and wood. All sorts of noises from people going bunk in the night kept waking me up, too. Anyhoodle, Sunday morning we did not very much. Got a bite at a McDonald’s–the first time i’ve been there in Europe–and hung around till the noon bus was set to leave. But, yeah, didn’t make it to Blarney because it rained and rained and and and and and.

Back on the bus, I was so tired and fruitlooped that I just kind of dazed out for the four hour journey.

Recap of Cork: Ate a lot of candy, drank a lot of beer, danced a lot of steps, ducked the rain, and sat on buses.

A successful weekend, but I don’t think I’ll ever return to Cork. Not a very eventful city and easy to skip over, I think.

Some good news, I can hear out of my left ear again. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. No big deal or anything. Also, I’ve five stories lined up for sending out to publications because I’ve been fiending on some words. Lots of homework to catch up on, though. I’ll keep you silly little reading children up and up on the doings and movings and groovings. Might go to Of Montreal this Wednesday if I can finally remember to buy a ticket. Actually, I’ll do that now.

Um, leaving you with Tom Waits because he keeps us safe.

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