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I’m sitting here in the library really doing lots of nothing besides listening to my itunes roll on. I’ve decided just now to share some more songs i’ve been fiending on. I know, i know, i said i wouldn’t do it again because it slows down the site, but i don’t care and you surely don’t care. You’re probably not even reading this, you louse! scittlyscattlyratatattly!

I know you are but what am I? by Mogwai, a beautiful song that haunts my heart whenever i walk the streets in a daze full of loverhymes that i’ve forgotten. Really, this song just sticks to me in ways it’s hard for me to explain. The piano’s just so perfect and it builds so slowly into something enormous. That drone to the keys, and then it almost stops, but not quite, and you feel yourself moving though your eyes are closed and you’re lying down in bed and the clock read 435am and you can’t remember where the lost time went but you know it’s all right because you’re here now, where you were always meant to be, the only place you should be, and that’s about all you can ask for.

Salka by Sigur Ros, another song that just haunts me, haunts everything, ghosting into the cracks between your memories. Though, i suppose everything Sigur Ros is like the ghosts that fill my room and sit in the corners when i’m not looking. And you never look less they become real like they were always meant to be. Christ, i’m getting carried away with my sentences here. What i wanted to say: this is a beautiful song and Jonsi’s voice will kill me.

Bonetrees and a Broken Heart by Jaguar Love, a live video. Johnny Whitney’s a god, though the sound quality’s a bit lacking. Still, i think you’ll get it. A love song from a decade I never lived in is how i’d describe this. And Johnny, oh Johnny, the man’s unstoppable as far as i’m concerned. Just look at him groove. I’d pay probably too much money to see this live and meet Mr Whitney again.

Together we will Live Forever by Clint Mansell, from The Fountain soundtrack. So much beauty here, and not the haunting kind, but the tangible kind. The kind you see on a leaf falling from a tree or a snowflake descending to earth. If you feel nothing when you listen to this song it’s because you’ve no heart and never had one to begin with. It’s beautiful and there’s a deep sadness in these keys, but there’s something more, too. A glimmer, a flicker of light emanating. A bloom, it resurrects you, brings you somewhere you never thought you could go.

My Lady’s House by Iron & Wine, Sam Beam can do no wrong. I thought i’d throw some songs with words in them for you folk. That doesn’t mean you can skip the wordless wonders above, but at least here you can feed on the syllables. A touching song that i quite like. Elegant, that’s how i’d describe it, i think. Yeah, a good way to put it.

Leaves in the River by Seawolf, a nice little song. Though it’s about wandering around drunk, it always reminds me of being a child again and I think that’s why i love it. There’s something so innocent and great about this song. Enjoy it.

The Underdog by Spoon, i know this song was everywhere a year ago, but it popped in my head this morning and has been sitting there quite pleasantly for a few hours. Plus, i thought I’d leave you all with something a bit more upbeat, maybe get your toes tapping and your fingers snapping.

Yeah, that’s a wrap. Hope you enjoyed that. I know I did.


A Day in the Life of a Seashell

I went to an Of Montreal concert the other night. It was pretty awesome. The lead singer, Kevin Barnes, was a mover and groover, dancing steps and plucking strings, singing and flailing every which way. The crowd went all wild and delirious with the sweat and the beer and the costumes and the sounds. The guitarist had angel wings, but a fallen angel, like a hellion rather than a seraphim. A pigman walked on stage followed by a tiger in a suit. The pig wiped stage blood all over me but it was cool because i needed it. They jangled about on stage while Barnes kept rocking and jocking to the beats he was making. The crowd flew wild searching for some space between feet and arms and legs to step some danceable steps. The elbows and the hands everywhere, the sweat and the fake blood covering me. The bouncer was some beast of a man like a bull or a minotaur and he kept pushing me around because i’m tiny and far too sexy for my own good. I didn’t bother with him though, just let him push because you don’t rile up monsters, especially greek ones. Some ninjas came on stage and writhed around like they didn’t have bones, like every limb was a snake. One of them who was unmistakably a girl felt me up and i got another push from the monster. Barnes boggled all over like a skeleton on fire and began undressing which made all the women go tizzy wizzy in ways you can’t imagine. The smell of pheromones was everywhere and the knees all weak and wibble wobbled. He ducked off stage and the pig and tiger returned. Some girl next to me grabbed the pig’s crotch, and i mean grabbed it, clutched at it like it was the grail, way deep and hard up on him. The tiger gyrated behind him and now i’m watching some animal orgy right in front of me. The singer returns in nothing but his skivvies but covered head to toe in shaving cream. He rubbed it all over my friend’s face but she loved it.  I watched her knees melt away, swooning and creamed on beside me [that’s a strange way to put that but it made me laugh]. The ninjas are back and the stage is busting in ten directions with frenzied steps and gyrating hips. The crowd’s erupting and the sweat’s everywhere and the steps that we dance are unstoppable. The keyboard player handed me the setlist and they walked off.

They played for about two hours, maybe longer, and then Barnes came out of nowhere, his make-up running, his clothes partially on again. Someone snapped a photo; he hugged me and we loved him because he was god for a night.

We bumbled back to our homes, drunk with ringing ears and my heart beats in blastbeats. I arrive at my apartment and my roommates are drunk and leaving to get drunker. It’s midnight or something and i’m tired but i leave with them anyway. There’s someone else with them that i don’t know but she has a pretty smile and she laughs at all the right times. We walk to the bar they desire but it’s closed because it’s Wednesday and the sun died hours ago. We end up somewhere else, but we lost a roommate and the girl she brought. Me and my other roommate try to make contact but it’s fruitless so we start drinking. Out of nowhere they’re dancing with us, they give an explanation but the music was too loud and i didn’t really care because i ran into some other girls that i knew and it was one of their birthdays. I get hungry and decide to leave and get a kebab. One of my roommates comes with and so does the girl that i think i should’ve met by now but haven’t. I get the kebab and we wander our way home and no one seemed to care what happened to our other roommate except me but i didn’t do anything about it because these two girls seemed to have heads on their shoulders.

Back at the apartment i make the girl a bed on our couch and we listen to some Neil Young for reasons I can’t remember because I’m not much of a fan but i have a lot of his albums. The three of us talk a bit and my roommates so drunk she keeps dropping peanut M&Ms and then following them as they roll away. The girl, who’s name finally comes out seems wasted, too, and sleepy. I go to the bathroom, she’s not in the room anymore so i decide to go to bed. Say goodnight to the roommate and go to my room where i find her laying in my bed passed out.

I change out of my day clothes that are still damp with sweat and stageblood. I climb over her and decide to sleep . She mumbles to me then and we ended up talking for a long time. We talked about the things two strangers talk about, which is to say we talked maybe too personally for our own good.

All of that’s very kicked from my head at the minute but i wanted to get it all down before I forgot it completely. It was a very interesting night in my life. I still can’t really make heads or tails, but I’m pretty sure it actually all did happen.

Anyway, I’ve a story coming out in Colored Chalk today, but it’s not on the website yet. I guess it’s something like six am where you guys are so it’s pretty understandable. I’ll link it when it comes up. Probably after the weekend. I think i got accepted into an anthology called New Voices for Horror:Volume 2, but I’m not sure. I’ve been in contact with the editor. I guess the only reason I’m not sure is he didn’t send me one of those official acceptance e-mails. I think it comes out next month. I’ll link that, too. It’s not online, though, it’s a printed and bound book. Maybe a few of you can buy it, yeah? I’m kidding.

What else…I’ve been listening to a lot of Built to Spill recently. Mostly just their album, Perfect from now On. They’re a legit band. You’ll hear a lot of Modest Mouse in them, which is probably why i like it. of course, it’s more you hear Built to Spill in Modest Mouse because, well, chronology is a factor when it comes to these things. But, yeah, a lot of wandering guitars. It’s good to walk to and just get lost in your head.

Live video there from one of my favorite songs by them. Mostly it’s just the best video I could find of them for this song, which is unfortunate. Not a bad video, but not perfect.

Too, I’ve kind of gotten into Antony and the Johnsons or whatever their name is. Interesting stuff, anyway. This song here is enjoyable.

I just realised that the video i linked there is the song over some anime clip. Whatever, just listen. It’s perty.

All from me, methinks. Said a lot without saying much, as i tend to do. Have a legit weekend, folks.

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