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A New Year

2009, yeah? Well, it’s here, the moment we’ve waited nearly one year for. Or something. I’ve no desire to be clever in this post, feeling too meh to be bothered with it. Anyhoodle, New Year’s was a good time. Good friends doing good things at a good place. Strange that i’ll see none of you for six months.

People always make new year resolutions; i never have. But i think i’m going to shoot for some goals. In no specific order…

1. Keep writing and writing and writing till i bleed ink.

2. Finish novel or at least get to the point where i know how to make every sentence perfect. I want these pages to sing in tune.

3. Figure out what it’s all about. My life and what i want to do/what i’m going to do. Though, i suppose this is one of those resolutions that people put on their list every year. This is my first so i get some leeway, but really, i need to figure some things out.

4. Be kinder to people. This is another one that most people probably say, but i’ve been thinking about it recently, and i’m really going to work on it. Not that i’m mean now, just i think i need a lot of work.

5. Redefine what it means for me to be content because i’m far too content with constantly being disappointed.

And that’s that because the world, or at least my world, works in increments of five.

I leave tomorrow for Ireland. I feel strange about this, but excited all the same. To be honest, Minnesota didn’t treat me well. From the first cold breath of air here that stung my lungs and left me coughing, to several disappointing events and relations and discussions. Mum wants to send me to AA, Pappy thinks i’m a government spy or some such nonsense, and some things fell apart. And i’ve held the pieces needlessly together for too long.

But, yeah, i’ll be back in these parts come summertime. Don’t miss me; i’ll be right here for you readers to read.

Somewhere this all stopped being about traveling and started being about me. Not sure how i feel about that.

Happy New Year, everyone. All the best. Now get some sleep, we’ve miles to go before the sunrise.


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