Went to Neil Gaiman last night. He did a reading with Amanda Palmer, who’s a musician i’m not really familiar with. I know she just made a solo album and is also in a band, but i either don’t know or can’t remember what band. There were upwards of five hundred people there, which, if you’ve been to Chapter, which most of you haven’t, you’d realise how amazing that is. They were together because they’re publishing a book together called Who Killed Amanda Palmer, which, i believe, is also the title of her solo album. A very interesting book that’s yet to be released. Amanda Palmer has, apparently, been raking dead photographs of herself for a very long time. That meaning, she poses as if she were dead in them. For each photo, Neil Gaiman wrote a short story describing the death. Very cool.

Amanda Palmer sang a few songs with a ukelele and Neil Gaiman read a few of the shorts. Amanda Palmer played a Cure song that i can’t remember the name of. She also did one of her own. Those were pretty enjoyable. Then, she finished with a cover of Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead, which was really just awful. Horrendous even. I’ll link a Radiohead version of it because i love that song so so so much.

Really, just fantastic.

Neil Gaiman was great, too. I love that guy and he certainly can do no wrong. Such a prolific and imaginative person. I linked his site up above for anyone unfamiliar with him. He writes children and adult novels as well as comic books and films and television series. All of it amazing. I guess you’d call him a fantasy writer, but he’s not your typical kind. He’s very funny and very, just, well, awesome. Kind of like how i’d say Ender’s Game is science fiction for people who aren’t science fiction fans, so i’d say the same for Neil Gaiman’s novels. And American Gods is probably one of my favorite books of all time.

After the reading i met up with my friend Derek who’s quite possibly the nicest man on earth. he bought me dinner and we caught up a bit. i finally gave him the gifts i’ve been holding for him for months. Was a good time.

He actually brings me to an interesting thing that i’m a bit embarrassed about but probably shouldn’t be. Internet socialising is becoming quite widespread and acceptable. most of us, though, still think it’s quite weird and off-putting. i’d include myself in that last category. But Derek is a man i met through the magic of the internet that i’d probably never had met otherwise. It’s a very strange thing for me to know someone before i’ve met them in real life, but such is life and the oddity of technology. I probably never would’ve met him if i hadn’t had such a miserable summer. Because i had no time to hang out with my friends, i spent an inordinate amount of time on the internet and joined two internet forums centred around authors. The Velvet, which is on the blogroll, is one such site which has Will Christopher Baer, Craig Clevenger, and Stephen Graham Jones as a fulcrum. It’s something i never thought i’d do and still think it’s quite bizarre that i do use it, but i enjoy it, to be quite honest. I’ve met some very interesting and awesome people in this way.

But, yeah, the times, they are a-changing. The internet grows and grows and is beginning to swallow our real lives. And now i’ve dipped a bit into that strange world lived over wires and signals.

A bit embarrassed to admit all that, but it’s now a part of my life, even if only a small part. But, hey, you’d be surprised the people you’ll meet over the internet and the things you’ll learn from them.

Too, can’t, for the life of me, get a job. Very frustrating and the money runs short. C’est la vie. We’ll get it done. Somehow.



  1. February 24, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    The band is Dresden Dolls. Give her a chance; I promise it will be worth it. Dresden Dolls is one of my favorite groups of all time – one of the best drummers of all time.

    Sorry, I got a bit fanboyish just now.

  2. 2 cooleddy
    February 25, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Ah, yeah, i knew it was something like that. I’ve been meaning to look into them for quite a long time. I’ll certainly check it out.
    And she performed well, it’s just she shouldn’t have tried to cover Radiohead. She doesn’t have the voice for it.

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