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Luckless Weekend

I should be sitting in Budapest doing the most awesome of things and having the best weekend of my life. Instead, i’m at the library cursing the sunshine. My flight got canceled and i am unbelievably bitter about it. The entire airport was closed and every flight was canceled because of the snow. The snow. The snow. In Dublin, of all places, of all times for it to snow. We refunded our tickets, which i’m actually still waiting for. The refund, i mean, my bank account isn’t showing it yet. I’ll be so pissed if they don’t send me that money quick.

Last night, because of the tragedy of it all, we just bought wine and wallowed. Today, it happens to be a beautiful day and i’m going to strangle a newborn or the first person that talks to me in an unfriendly way. Feeling really annoyed if it’s not apparent. Probably going to hide out the whole weekend. Go underground and not show my face til Monday. Might drink some more wine, maybe catch a film. Still been meaning to hit the new Underworld and Milk, too. I don’t know, might just rent something, take myself on a date and eat right. And wine, of course.

Well, yeah, instead of a tremendous time spent in a foreign land, i’ll be having a boring time in a foreign land that’s not so foreign to me. Really, just quite upset.


Colored Chalk: Waking up Strange

Yep, right there. Check it out. A great line up of authors including Joey Goebel [The Anomolies, Torture the Artist, Commonwealth], Rayo Casablanca [6 Sick Hipsters, Very Mercenary], and John Meno [Demons in the Spring, The Great Perhaps]. So, yeah, last month we had the genius of Stephen Graham Jones and this month a slew of other ‘name’ authors. It was edited by Richard Thomas who’s been published around in various magazines and is currently shopping around his novel Transubstantiate, which he was kind enough to let me read. It’s fantastic and certainly an inevitability for publication. But, yeah, great people in this issue, a few of whom I have links to on the blogroll. You can find some of their other stories from their sites.

My story, I’m proud of it. Richard made me do some edits and i think it really made it better. But, yeah, much more of a streamlines story this time. I’m kind of embarrassed already of my 1,500 word sentence that got published last time. Not that it’s bad, mind, just wish it wasn’t the first thing i had in published form. Anyway, as happens, you’re always onto the next one. My story i submitted for issue seven of Colored Chalk is my favorite thing i’ve written. I think it might be my best piece of fiction yet.

That’s all. Check me out and the rest of the stories. It’s a fantastic issue from a magazine that’s really moving it’s way up.

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