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House Pets

Been a bit sick of late and spent most of the weekend in my room watching House, which is probably my new favorite television show. Might even be up there with Top Chef, and don’t even try to tell me that show’s not the greatest thing to ever happen to your television set. But, yeah, watched two seasons of House in about three days. Basically a non-stop viewing frenzy. And the character House, man, just so great. Someone told me i look like a younger version of him. Maybe that’s true, either way, we’re both funny looking brutes. What i will say, though, is that he’s basically an older, more sarcastic–if that’s possible–meaner, and more drug addicted version of me. Some of you know better than others about my undue propensity to grow attached to people of the fictional type, but, man, House is just a killer. Fits right inside my head like a jigsaw piece. Probably not a good thing, but i like the guy.

But, yeah, i’m a lot like House, i guess. Or he’s a lot like me. Yeah, that way works because i came first and he’s imaginary. But, i mean, he’s really just all of my character flaws thrown together and amplified. The arrogance, the misanthropy, all of it. I’ve better legs, though.

Too, the beautiful miss Burton gave me Animal Collective’s new album, Merriweather Post Pavillion, which is just fantastic. You can really hear Panda Bear coming through on this album more than any previous. Gives it a more polished and dreampop-esque sound. And it’s just oh-so-right. Love it.

Anyway, this headache that i’ve no had for five days is growing increasingly annoying, and i’ve only two more episodes of House until i need a refill. Though, that’ll have to wait until after i get back from Northern Ireland. The headache though, man, these long ones always get me thinking too much. They depress me a lot and make me want to hide underground, away from people and sunshine. Just live in a cloud and float on by. They also make me think silly thoughts like these. Hopefully it’ll leave me alone soon, because, really, it’s hard for me to take these for very long. Makes a brute of me.

Oh, i found some wonderful pictures on the internet that i’m sure are illegal to post on here, but i did it anyway.


Just fantastic looking there.


Enjoy those.


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