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Another Voyage Northward

Spent the weekend up in Northern Ireland with the kids from IFSA Butler again. This time, though, i spent most of the time with the new kids who came in January. Most of whom i’d not really met, or at least talked to, until this weekend. Good kids for the most part, they be. But, yeah, the trip was much the same as the previous trip as far as activities and such. I skipped The Black Cab Tour as i had been on it only four months previous. I’d go on it again in another three or four years to check on things. If you don’t know, that tour takes you through the history of The Troubles, which is such an Irish way to refer to that period. I mean, people literally murdering one another in the streets and all they have to say is, ‘Yeah, there’s a bit of trouble up North.’ The cab drivers tell you the history from the Protestant and Catholic sides and drive you through the neighborhoods where it all went down and show you the famous murals.

Two photos there of the murals. It’s an intense part of the world and hard to take. Last time went through it nearly broke me down, cast a shadow all over my head.

We also went on a day tour much the same as last time. We went to most of the same places so i took far less photos, but this time i had my trusty companion, Gordon. He’s a dog who’s had a rough life. A bit of a vagrant, kind of like the tramp from The Lady and the Tramp. I thought it was time he needed to see the world, though i’ve only had him for about a week. Anyway, snapped him posing all over the place.
A nice view of him frolicking in the high, soft grass in front of a beauteous rainbow that appeared. He’s a good pup.

Not a whole lot went on up North. Mostly just shenanigans and hijinx as usual. Bought some new clothes and partied like i was in a different country. Twas a good time.

There were a few things i wanted to do today that i’m probably not going to do because it’s cloudy and cold. An unfriendly day. And Ian, worry not, i’m getting those essays in order. Thanks for the advice, too. Oh, along with that, i finally broke down and bought a mobile modem for my computer so i can actually have the internet whenever i need it and can stay out of the library. I really just can’t work in that environment.

All right, might post again later today as there are some other things i want to jot down, but it’s better to keep these posts focused on one idea rather than ramble in five directions.


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