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I believe in the Devil and he knows my name

I think that’s a quote by Daniel Johnston. Either that or it’s a quote by me that i attributed to him on accident. It always made a lot of sense to me. Daniel Johnston’s a pretty interesting guy, too. Very cool documentary about him called, The Devil and Daniel Johnston. He’s a musician, singer/songwriter that’s been covered by just about everyone in the world, including Tom Waits, Bright Eyes, TV on the Radio, and Beck. When his songs are good, they’re pretty fantastic, but when they’re not good, they’re almost unlistenable.

None of that’s really important, though. Had a bit of a wild night last night and am feeling it today. The devil and the demons are hounding me today. Always do on days like this. A friend of mine has a standup show tonight, which i’m so very excited for. Should be exceptional.

In other news, been watching films and the like. Caught Watchmen a few days ago. I’ve not read the graphic novel, but will someday. It’s an entertaining movie. Zack Snyder pulled it off, i think. There are loads of problems with the movie and things i hated, but, overall, an entertaining movie that’s paced very well. Doesn’t feel like three hours. Terrible soundtrack, though. Or, well, more just terrible use of the songs used.

Last Life in the Universe, there. A fantastic film. I’d seen it a few years ago and could never remember what it was. After searching for the last two years, i finally tracked it down and watched it again. Just glorious. There’s a stillness, a quiet power to the film. The soundtrack is flawless in that every song is absolutely perfect for the scene. A complete contrast to the way Watchmen used the music. But, yeah, this is what i talk about when i talk about perfect cinema. I’ve a real fondness for Asian cinema, too. They do things right. They understand the importance of silence, the gravity of a scene without words. And this film, so much of it is never spoken. It’s glorious. Too, the camera work, so good. That’s another hallmark of Asian cinema, i think. Just beautully shot scenes.

Caught Andrei Zvyagintsev second film, The Banishment, which is as heartbreakingly perfect as his first film, The Return, which has my favorite scene to ever happen on screen in the history of everything.

Trailer there. The film’s flawless, truly. He’s a man who knows the beauty and glory of silence, too. So much of this film is just silence and stillness and you feel the weight of every movement, of every sigh. And i don’t think there’s anyone in the world who turns film into such a beautiful artform. Wong Kar Wai might come close for me, but Zvyagintsev is untouchable. And this is only his second film. So excited for whatever he chooses to make next.

Russians, man, they know things. They do everything so perfectly and so heavily. Speaking of Russia, i found out i can’t make it there. So frustrating. I need to get a separate visa just to enter the country and there’s all sorts of other difficulties involved. Very frustrated.

Something quite interesting happened last night. I fell into conversation with someone who was once quite dear to me, but has disappeared from me in the last three years. Or i disappeared from her. Hard to say for certain. But we talked till the sun came up over in this part of the world. I enjoyed it greatly. She’s a good girl, always has been.

St Patrick’s day starts today. Yeah, i know, but really, it does. Thursday to Tuesday. Gonna be a wild weekend, methinks. Too, been wandering about with Gordon lately and he’ll probably accompany me this whole weekend while i make a fool of myself and get into too much trouble. Wish me luck.


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