Since this is my site and some of you are kind enough to read about my life, I’ve decided to actually use this page the way it’s meant to. That being a place to share a bit of who I am.

My name, in case you can’t read the URL, is eddy, like that, lowercase. I think it looks much better that way. I live in Minnesota, but am currently going to school at Trinity College Dublin in, quite obviously, Dublin, Ireland. That’s the primary purpose of this site, to let you, my friends, know what I, your friend, am doing. I often times like to write sentences in a needlessly complex way, such as the sentence before this.

I’m a young man of tiny build, weighing somewhere between ten and eleven stones, which has to be the most nonsensical unit of measurement used. I spend most of my time lazing about thinking important and, more often, quite unimportant things. I read more than most people sleep and sleep less than most people read. I write stories of various types. My present focus being my first attempted novel and writing children’s stories.My life, though, revolves around university where I study psychology.

I often times think I used to be a much nicer man, but I’m content with the way I am. I’m a bit cynical and a lot sarcastic. I’m quite superstitious and fear most things I know to not be real.

This page began as just a place where I would relate my travles to you, the reader. It’s recently become more a dumping place for my thoughts and just generally things I like, though the travels are still there. But, yeah, this is my site,take your coat off and sit down, stay awhile, and enjoy your stay.


3 Responses to “I, eddy”

  1. 1 cooleddy
    September 13, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    thats really interesting, eddy. you sound like a great guy and i cant wait to read all the wondrous things youre sure to put here.
    cant wait to hear about all the fun youre going to have in ireland.


  2. 2 Ian
    September 21, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    Eddy, did you write a response to yourself? That’s funny. Have a fun flight.

  3. 3 alxjmartin
    December 22, 2008 at 11:58 am

    Edward. Wedward. Woodwedward. Wodwoodwedward. Widwodwoodwedward. Windwidwodwoodwedward.

    Yes. Do more.

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