It seems to be something people do, so i thought i might as well link my stories for you folk that are kind enough to read my ramblings on here. Maybe you’ll be even kinder and read a few of these.

Are Zebras White with Black Stripes or Black with White Stripes?: Published sometime [April?] 2008 in the Summit Avenue Review. A poem about being all right with the troubles of life.

Bury Me: Published on 30/11/2008 in Issue 5 of Colored Chalk. A 1,500 word sentence spoken from a father to a son.

Whiteout: Published on 31/1/2009 in Issue 6 of Colored Chalk. A man wakes up without a memory.

My First Kiss at the Public Execution: This was published in March in a print anthology. Apparently, the book it was published in is already out of print and unbuyable. Very frustrated about this. Going to try to find it a new home. Really, just mad and now i’m going to tell people to never support New Voices in Horror ever.

This is Not for You: Published on 21/5/2009 in Red Fez magazine. Some of you read an earlier version of this sometime last year.

Open your Eyes: Upcoming Vampire anthology. Not sure of any of the details beyond that.


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