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At this Mediocrity

I finally got the applications all sorted out and sent away. Only took me near six hours to get around to doing it, though it took about one hour to actually fill out the forms and such.

That weight’s off my shoulders, but there’s all sorts of other trouble about to head ym way with more essays and a different research proposal i need to make for the summer. Man, so much trouble just in order to have a future that i may not even want.

I really just need to find a beautiful, motivated girl who’s excited about work and her future career. I’d be a made man. Stay at home, look after the kids, do the laundry, cook the meals, all that. That’s what i want.

Lord, save me from the future. Plant a girl down beside me. I want to be that stay at home dad. It could be my life if i’m lucky.

Been watching Radiohead at Saitama the last little while. A cool and recent concert in Japan, i think, by the greatest band in the world. Enjoy.


And when you see me coming

So many things i should be doing now, should’ve been doing for hours, but i think i need to get my fingers moving a bit or i’ll never get anything done. Four applications due tomorrow and i’ve still barely started any of them and i want to finish them all by three, which is about forty minutes, so there’s just no way. I mean, i’ve been here since eleven and all i’ve done is watch hours of live videos of people like Bon Iver and Sigur Ros and Third Eye Blind, which is quite a strange playlist now that i think about it. Anyway, what’s the point of this post if any of these have a point? No idea yet, but i guess i’ll just chat a bit about this week because i think i’ve posted fairly recently so there couldn’t be too much news to relate.

This week was supposed to be my get everything done and finalised week. Instead it’s been my least productive week in, well, weeks. I accidentally skipped a bunch of classes and didn’t do anything of importance. Just a lot of shenanigans and hijinxs and general jubilations. I went to Phoenix Park, though. It’s the biggest park in Europe and it was an awesome time. Didn’t really see much of it, though. Mostly just sat in a field and enjoyed the fact that Ireland has a sun sometimes. Shining now, actually, but i’m still sitting here wasting away the hours. Anyway, Phoenix Park, yeah, very good time there. Played in a tree, too. I miss doing that. Felt so good to just hang out in some branches. I’ll put a photo up here because i think i finally figured out how to do that.

I snapped that and it looks much better than i expected. I hate my camera, but it actually does some things quite well. That whole day ended up being quite ridiculous and so fun. Maybe the best day spent yet in this country. Yeah, lots of good times. A pirate and Jasmine.

Last night ended up being quite wild, too, and a lot of it disappeared. Probably made a bit of a fool of myself, but i’m okay with that. I’m a foolish person and always have been and always will be and refuse to be otherwise.

Not sure if my fingers are feeling up to the application task yet, but i’ve really nothing to say here. And really, i need to do that business or my summer’s ruined. Though really, these research programs [or programmes if you’re European] will more than likely ruin my summer. I never seem to have a good summer. Stupid long sunny days.

I think i’m going to feed some ducks today, but might wait until the weekend or just never feed them. I’ve never done that before, feed ducks, but i think it’d be a good idea.

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